Unwanted Traffic Removal
Service (UTRS) Mitigate DDoS attacks faster.

Reduce the impact of DDoS attacks.

Reduce the impact of attacks quickly through our global system. By using UTRS, you can stop the attack traffic closer to the source, reducing the impact on your own network and every network in between.

UTRS mitigates DDoS attacks, large and small by leveraging an existing network of cooperating BGP speakers to distribute and block traffic based on BGP advertisements from cooperating peers. ISPs, hosting providers and educational institutions can automatically distribute BGP-based filter rules, which we verify, from victims to cooperating networks.

Won’t UTRS “finish” an attack?

UTRS is similar to Remote Triggered Black Holes (RTBH). There are circumstances where using nullrouting, RTBH or UTRS is not the right solution. For many networks, large attacks can be crippling, and a solution that keeps most of the network functional while removing the attack target (which may be down and unresponsive) is an appropriate business trade-off that makes sense. Each network is different and all policy is local, please consider whether UTRS is the right defense mechanism for your network to avoid crippling attacks.

Large Carrier Networks and Transit Providers:

Please participate in this service to help smaller networks apply business appropriate policies to defend their assets.

What do we need from you to run your session?

  • First and Last name
  • Email (needs to be the email in your WHOIS record)
  • Company name (must agree with the ASN)
  • Your job title
  • IPv4 address you request we peer with (must be a single IPv4 address announced by your ASN)
  • We verify all requests prior to configuring the session.