Not Just Cyber
Threat Intelligence It’s Pure Signal™ and ground truth for security teams and investigators.

This is what threat hunting is supposed to be.

We operate as our own ISP and are part of the fabric of the internet. We’ve amassed an unmatched number of data sharing partnerships with operators worldwide, in addition to gathering threat intelligence from a global grid of sensors, honeypots, darknets and crawlers. We give you our visibility via Pure Signal™ Recon.

  • Trace threat actors through dozens of proxies and VPNs.
  • Map the extended infrastructure.
  • Preemptively block associated IPs.
  • Then monitor these threats to defend against them indefinitely.

Hunt for cyber threats and investigate incidents beyond the boundaries of your enterprise perimeter.

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Search, analyze, map, and monitor global cyber threat activity.

  • Global Internet activity
  • 50+ data types
  • 10+ years of malware insights

… at your fingertips.

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Threat intelligence for threat hunting and cyber recon
““We were able to see the infrastructure stood up before the phishing emails even went out.”
– Analyst Team Lead, Top 10 Financial Services Firm


Events scored every day.


Data types all normalized and indexed.


C2s actively polled per month.


Malware hashes and counting.


Events processed every second.


CSIRTs we help protect, representing approximately 52% of IPV4 and 75% of IPV6

“Team Cymru pioneered this space. They are the go-to company for leading-edge security teams.”
– John Brown, CISSP, CityLink Telecommunications

Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds

Our global data sharing partnerships deliver the most comprehensive visibility into compromised IPs across the globe.

Team Cymru Heatmap
“We have an extremely robust set of security tools, and nobody has the data Team Cymru has.”
– Security Analyst, Top 5 Retailer

Our Community Services include free
cybersecurity tools, threat intelligence and more.

We also work with 130+ CSIRT teams around the world to help them protect their constituents.

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