Nimbus Network
Traffic Analyzer Augmented with our world-class threat intelligence.

The Nimbus analyzer incorporates Team Cymru’s unsurpassed cyber threat intelligence feeds in a cloud-based or dedicated hardware solution that is offered at no cost to network owners and managers.

In addition to identifying bandwidth issues, optimizing service, and identifying network abuse, the Nimbus solution can greatly improve your ability to detect critical threats, such as DDoS attacks. Unlike other free network analyzer tools, the Nimbus analyzer allows you to correlate your network flows with our threat data.

Bandwidth Usage Details

Identify network addresses, applications and protocols consuming the most bandwidth.

End User Auditing

Audit how your network is used to improve service and identify abuse.

Quality of Service Policy Optimization

Verify how well your QoS policies are working and employ data driven refinement.

Threat Detection

Identify potential data theft, abusive use, policy violations, DDoS attacks and other threats with more accuracy, correlating network traffic with threat intelligence.


  • Cloud-based network flow collection, subject to version.
  • Support for netflow, sflow, jflow, v5/v7/v9 IP FIX and netstream.
  • IP Reputation and Controller (C2) data is updated in real time.
  • 10 dynamic Kibana dashboards enable easy sorting and filtering.
  • View top source ports, source and destination IPs, subject to version.
  • Percentage of traffic is broken down by protocol.
  • View the top 20 source and destination ASNs by traffic.
  • Nearly unlimited query, sorting and filtering options.
  • Traffic views from 5 mins down to per second, subject to version.
  • Feeds are downloadable for use with other tools.

Real-time network traffic analysis with IP Reputation and Controller feed correlation…

Nimbus integrates with our Pure Signal™ insight to highlight bots, controllers, proxy and brute force activity from and against your owned ASNs.

Alert Prioritization Community Services: Nimbus
Alert Prioritization
Alert Category Histogram: Community Services: Nimbus
Alert Category Histogram

How do I get access?

This solution is available to our partners.  As a partner, you export your flows to a collector we manage. Your data helps us to build our IP Reputation and Controller (C2) threat intelligence feeds, which in turn, helps you and other Team Cymru partners to eradicate threats from the Internet. In exchange, we provide you with access to the Nimbus portal, which is enriched with these same world-class threat intelligence feeds.

What do we need from you to start?

  • First and last name
  • Company email
  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Your ASN or netblocks

Once the data sharing agreement is signed and we begin to receive the flows, you’ll have access to Team Cymru’s world class intelligence!