Witan  API


Global insight spanning nearly 40 data types


Comprehensive documentation with code examples


Streaming RESTful API


Newline-delimited .json or .csv response format


What is Witan?

In Medieval times, the Witan was a group of individuals responsble for advising the king.

Team Cymru's Witan is a search API designed to provide data anyalysts, SIEM platforms, smart applications, and machine learning programs direct access to our global cyber intelligence. Typical use cases are to enhance SOC insight and aid incident responders.

Witan is the unified window into our unparalleled insight, spanning data categories such as:

  • Internet Traffic Intelligence
  • Botnet and Controller Intelligence
  • Malware Intelligence
  • Miscreant Communications
  • DNS/SMTP/Web Intelligence
  • Indicators of Compromise (IOC)
  • Device Intelligence and Behaviors
  • Darkweb Activity

Insight from over 16,000 networks worldwide, across nearly 40 data types, yielding over 1PB/day

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