UTRS 2.0 Demonstration of New Features Webinar

Monday January 31, 2022 10:00am GMT -5

Thanks again for your continued efforts in helping us keep the internet safe.

In this webinar, we will present the new features and how to utilize them. 

In case you hadn’t yet fully reviewed what’s new in UTRS 2.0, here are the latest updates which will be presented:

  • FlowSpec rules – Creates fine-grained control capabilities, allowing matches on ports and protocol combinations instead of just IP addresses
  • Allow IPv4 /25 and IPv6 /49 announcements – Allows networks to defend against carpet-bombing style attacks by requesting larger portions of the address space to be blocked
  • IPv6 support – Allows networks to defend against IPv6 attack traffic
  • Redundant peering sessions – Redundant peering sessions prevent single points of failure in your security framework
  • ROAs are honored – Since we validate ROAs, we support BGP-triggered DDoS mitigation service providers, allowing your service providers to defend themselves and craft the most optimal rules