Augury™ Threat hunting and monitoring beyond the enterprise perimeter. Insight into global cyber threat activity. Petabytes of data ingested per day.

Pure Signal™ and cyber risk
ground truth you won’t get anywhere else.

Threat hunting reimagined.

What if you could trace malicious activity through a dozen or more proxies and VPNs to get to the origin of a threat, map its infrastructure globally and block it, then keep an eye on it to protect yourself against it indefinitely?

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“We were able to see the infrastructure stood up before the phishing emails even went out.”
– Lead Analyst, Fortune 500 Bank

Discover the strategic value of tracking cyber threats beyond your perimeter.

No-Boundaries Continuous Monitoring

Monitor cyber threats beyond your perimeter and preemptively block new malicious infrastructure as it appears.

SecOps Optimization

Accelerate your SOC analysts’ ability to filter out noise and fine tune their SIEM or SOAR use cases.

Incident Response

Save time and money by quickly identifying all compromised nodes and blocking the malicious IP addresses they’re communicating with.

Third-party Risk Monitoring

No-touch supply chain security monitoring can identify malicious communications between third-party assets and cyber threat infrastructures.

Investigations and Attribution

Trace threat actors and cyber criminals through more than a dozen proxies to illuminate an evidence path to the perpetrators.

Cloud Security

Map your cloud footprint and monitor that landscape for anomalous communications.

“Augury gives me the ability to pull a thread and chase it wherever it might go.”
– David Maynor, Security Analyst

Find, map, block and monitor cyber threat activity before it even gets to your doorstep.

  • Robust searching and filtering against 50+ data types.
  • Track through dozens of proxies and VPNs to the origin of a threat.
  • No Hardware. No software. Instant on.
  • API integration.
  • Batch and schedule queries.
  • Correlate IP addresses with malware insights extracted from 10+ years of attack observance and malware analysis.
  • Export to CSV, XML, XLXS or JSON.
“Augury is the cornerstone of our new attribution team.”
– Security Analyst, Top 10 Financial Services Firm