Nimbus click through EULA

By clicking Agree with the following EULA you agree to be bound by the
following terms, and using the Nimbus™ System further indicates your
agreement. You also agree to enter in to a written Data Exchange SOW
agreement with Team Cymru including these key terms and other
administrative terms.

Team Cymru, Inc. (“Team Cymru”) is entering into a mutual exchange
arrangement with your entity (“PARTNER”) for specific services to assist
one another in enhancing/establishing business relationships with third
party clients and/or for the purpose of monitoring and securing any
owned and/or managed networks and systems. Such services, whether
provided upon the execution of this SOW or  subsequently, and which
includes not only written materials but also information transferred
orally, visually, electronically or by other means, together with the
analyses, compilations, studies or other documents prepared by a party
or its representatives which contain or otherwise reflect any of the
information (and any copies of the foregoing), is herein referred to
collectively as the “Data Exchange Services”.

The Data Exchange Services will be provided to one another, subject to
the terms and conditions listed below, and in Team Cymru Data Service
Exchange Master Terms and Conditions

The Data Exchange Services are subject to the Confidentiality terms
located in Section 7 of the Team Cymru Data Service Exchange Master
Terms and Conditions

1. Data provided by Team Cymru to PARTNER:

a. Team Cymru managed and maintained Nimbus™ System
Team Cymru shall manage and maintain a remote Nimbus™ System.

b. Controller Feed. The Controller Feed contains all of our botnet
controller data to provide a view of Command and Control (C2) for
IRC-based, HTTPbased and P2P-based botnets. This feed provides the full
URL and detail, including malware hash and DNS Resource Record, of the

2. Data provided by PARTNER to Team Cymru:

a. Partner shall export flow data as input to Nimbus™ system.

3. Terms of Use/EULA
Commercial License. Each party hereby grants to the other party, a
worldwide, nonexclusive irrevocable, sublicensable right to use, copy,
perform, and create derivative works of and otherwise modify the Data
for any purpose including without limitation the purpose of creating,
developing, marketing and selling proprietary software, databases or
services such as email filtering applications, blacklists and whitelists.