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TC Console
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Imagine a tool designed to show what's happening on your network in near real time, but with a crucial new innovation: it integrates Team Cymru's unique insight into malicious activity on the Internet.

TC Console is a web based user interface that improves the user's visibility of malicious activity on an organization's network. The data displayed is collected from Team Cymru's various sources around the world and pertains to each specific user's own network. The tool also provides a historical summary of malicious activity on the user's network, as well as a quantitative summary of data traffic on that network.

It also enables collaboration among organizations so that users may provide each other with additional data beyond what is already presented to them by Team Cymru. The 2 movies on this page will give you an overview of what the tool could do for your network security.

TC Console Intro Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by 'malicious activity'?

Security events that impact networks take many forms. In terms of the data that TC Console currently details, malicious activity includes open resolvers, proxies, machines distributing malware or phishing pages, brute force attacks, spam, compromised routers, and machines that are infected with any of the major malware families or connecting to any known Command and Control server.

Who is eligible?

The product is specifically for those responsible for network security involving routable IP space with corresponding autonomous system numbers. Basically, those who can take action based on the insight it provides.

How do I get it?

If you manage a network, you can apply for an account below. Please note that there is extensive vetting to ensure you are indeed suitable and you need to apply using a formal work e-mail address to help us get stated on the vetting without delay. You can apply for data on as many networks as (and obviously ONLY those that) you manage and control.

How much does it cost?

TC Console is offered at no-cost as part of our community efforts. The richness and value of the data is made possible by contributions from the community in order to ultimately benefit the community. Therefore, those wishing to enjoy the benefits of TC Console should expect to contribute data to further enhance the service - after an initial trial period, a mutual-NDA and a Data Sharing Agreement will be required to accept data donations. Those unable to contribute with data may have some functionalities of TC Console disabled in due course.

What can I share?

Typical contributions include bandwidth, hosting, data from Darknets and other sources. Other contributions will be considered, so please give us a call.

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