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Nimbus is our Kibana-based appliance that integrates our insight about malicious activity on your network, with near real time alerting, at no cost to you. For more information, click here.

Dragon News Bytes

Dragon News Bytes is a private mailing list that distributes Information Security news articles. These articles may come from newspapers, magazines, and various online resources. For more information, click here.

IP Check

If your IP address appears infected, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. Not only does our IP Check service identify if your IP address is infected, it also provides some helpful hints to help you clean your machines. Our IP Check heatmap details where we think you are and how ‘hot’ your vicinity is in terms of other infections in addition to vicinity country ranking against other countries has trended over the past month. To check your IP now, click here.

World Hackbook

The World Hackbook provides insight on malicious activity statistics by country and compares individual ranking with neighboring countries as well as regions and organizations like NATO, G8, Europe, North America, ARIN and RIPE. We also include general numbers on IP addresses assigned and actually advertised. Explore the World Hackbook today.

The Bogon Reference

A bogon prefix should never appear in the Internet routing table. Team Cymru’s Bogon Reference provides several resources for the filtering of bogon prefixes from your routers and hosts. Check out the bogon reference for more details!

IP To ASN Mapping Project

Team Cymru provides query interfaces that allow for the mapping of IP addresses to BGP prefixes and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs), based on BGP feeds from our 50+ BGP peers. Updated every 4 hours, this data is available through traditional WHOIS (TCP 43), DNS (UDP 53), HTTP (TCP 80), and HTTPS (TCP 443). For more information, check out our IP to ASN Mapping Project.

Totalhash Malware Analysis

Totalhash, a community malware analysis service, is the entry point to Team Cymru’s comprehensive malware service offerings. With Totalhash, users can quickly find and view both static and dynamic analysis of malware samples. An API is available to those who require programmatic access to the service. Check out Totalhash Malware Analysis today.

Malware Hash Registry

Similar to the Team Cymru IP address to ASN mapping project, the Malware Hash Registry (MHR) project is a look-up service with an added benefit: you can query our service for a computed MD5 or SHA-1 hash of a file and, if it is tracked malware, we return the last time we have seen it along with an approximate anti-virus detection percentage. Learn more about our Malware Hash Registry.

Unwanted Traffic Removal Service

UTRS is a system that helps mitigate large infrastructure attacks by leveraging an existing network of cooperating BGP speakers such as ISPs, hosting providers and educational institutions that automatically distributes verified BGP-based filter rules from victim to cooperating networks. Read more about our UTRS project.

TC Console

A tool for network managers to visualize activity on their network while integrating Team Cymru’s unique data regarding malicious activity. The secure TC Console portal includes historic analysis and collaborative tools.

CSIRT Assistance Program

Team Cymru provides daily lists of compromised or abused devices for the ASNs and/or netblocks within a Regional and/or National CSIRT’s jurisdiction. The intent is to provide information directly into the hands of people who can use that insight. For more details, check out the CAP page.


The Botnet Analysis and Tactical Tool for Law Enforcement (BATTLE) displays IRC and HTTP botnet data on an interactive world map in near-real time. It is intended to provide enough information to help law enforcement identify botnets and attacks. We provide law enforcement officers free access to our BATTLE portal.

Configuration Templates

We continuously refine free configuration templates to help our community more easily secure your routers and servers. While we cannot guarantee that they will prevent you from being hacked, our configuration templates will certainly give you a fighting chance!