A New Attack Surface Management Solution to Transform the Way Organizations Manage Digital Business Risk

The current approach to Attack Surface Management falls short of what modern organizations need.

Existing ASM solutions are focused on discovering assets and mapping inventory but disappoint when it comes to identifying critical third and fourth-party dependencies. As a result, ASM today cannot help security teams detect real-time vulnerabilities and threats, and it can’t help the business to identify its business-impacting dependencies.

Today more than ever we’re seeing the incredible need for an ASM that feeds business risk assessment and decision-making. Organizations need powerful and robust intelligence on which they can make contract and business decisions. Just knowing your assets and infrastructure is no longer enough. More must be done.

That’s why we’re launching Pure Signal™ Orbit — a next-generation ASM platform. Team Cymru has Pure Signal™ Recon, and now we’re excited to add Pure Signal™ Orbit to our suite to empower the organizations in their mission to better understand their attack surface and manage digital business risk.

We uniquely layer in vulnerability and threat information to empower security teams to make risk decisions. This is a more fulsome and holistic ASM that enables business risk detection and management. As former Gartner Analyst and creator of ASM Brad LaPorte coined it: ASM v2.0.

It’s important to know what you own and what ‘owns you,’ such as third-party vendors, network infrastructure providers, and dependencies. We’re arming executives and their teams with the ability to drill down and trace threats as well as digital business risks, transforming their approach to risk management and information security altogether.

Pure Signal™ Orbit delivers complete cyber risk visibility that provides insights to the C-suite and actionable intelligence to the security practitioners. It improves the executive team’s ability to make real-time,  risk-based decisions while allowing security teams to prioritize risks at a glance, whether internal or third or fourth-party vulnerabilities.

Here’s How Our Solution Works: 

A unique combination: Attack Surface Management + Vulnerabilities Management + Threat Intelligence

  • Discover: unmatched visibility of external assets and risks. Unburden your team from static reports and spreadsheets. Experience continuous discovery of new and unseen IT assets with visibility at the scale of the internet.
  • Automate & Consolidate: reduce wasted time, money and effort. Replace cumbersome, inefficient methods that slow processes and burden your team.
  • Prioritize: focus on the highest threats, affecting the most business-critical assets. In a world first, attack surface management is enriched with both vulnerabilities and threats. Elevate above the noise to achieve a business first approach to tackling digital risk challenges.
  • Protect and Defend: Use knowledge of third-party compromise and assets to build your defenses. No asset is beyond your scope, gain a critical advantage to knowing your third-party risk in real time from high stakes M&A to Supply Chain visibility.
The Team Cymru Mission 

Since 2005 our mission has been to Save and Improve Human Lives by working with security teams around the world, enabling them to track and disrupt the most advanced bad actors and malevolent infrastructures.

Their unrivaled partner and community network extends to over 143 CSIRT teams in 86 countries, in addition to a global security community that helps keep the internet safe across the globe.

This is what the future of ASM will look like. This is ASM v2.0.

– Rabbi Rob Thomas, Team Cymru Chairman, CEO, and Fellow

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