Massive Increase in Global IP Address Visibility

Nimbus Threat Monitor rollout is already changing the way networks see their traffic.

We’ve had an amazing year here at Team Cymru – the revenue from our commercial offerings has enabled us to invest heavily in community services, through which we support the global IT Security community.  We’ve added more teammates and more no-cost tools and services. This brief post outlines the specific new tool we’ve been working on this month and how it’s impacting what we see.


Our key new Community Service product is called Nimbus Threat Monitor, and this week we have been rolling out the first batch of 50 accounts. It’s a cloud-based version of our legendary no-cost network traffic monitoring tool, but the fact that the hardware is virtual makes this a game changer for us, and more importantly for network owners:


  • Our costs to provide this service are now lower, meaning more networks are able to have their applications accepted.
  • Provisioning is faster. Often, we can have you up and running in a day.
  • A Kibana interface sits atop this simple and powerful tool to help you protect your networks.


Any network owner can now benefit from the exact same IP reputation feed that many Fortune 500 companies have adopted.


Another key benefit to networks is that our IP Reputation Feed is integrated into the Nimbus Threat Monitor system. This is one of our commercial feeds, but it is built into the Threat Monitor at no-cost and enables the tool to cross-refence instances of IPs in our Reputation Feed against traffic traversing your network.


So, with all these new resources, and no conferences to organize, how have we been doing?


Well, below you will see two maps: the first indicates what our insight coverage was over a 30-day period for IP addresses last November. Although we can see both IPv4 and IPv6, we find that we can best estimate overall visibility by analyzing IPv4. Orange represents lower levels of total insight.


November 2019



In just one year, from November 2019 to November 2020, we have grown the community with networks in many of these ‘orange’ areas.  There is still much work to be done, but Team Cymru’s model is not changing. Fundamentally, more data into our systems means we have more data and insight to share back to help you, at zero cost to you, to protect your users, and this is the result so far. More red is good!


November 2020



If you have any questions, please reach us at and see a quick overview video here:

And of course, if you look after a network, you should sign up here: