Apply to Attend The Underground Economy (UE) Conference 2020

Applications and Call for Papers Now Open

TL;DR: NOV 02-05 in Strasbourg, France for 200 delegates but not virtual, contact us if you have not yet received the credentials to apply:


Apply today for one of the few planned combination in-person and virtual events!

We have been contributing to the InfoSec community for over a decade by running a no-cost conference where speakers share cases they have worked on so that we can all learn from their successes. The event is supported entirely by sponsorship and we normally have about 30% Law Enforcement Officers and the rest are a mixture of InfoSec Analysts from industry, Academic Researchers and Financial Crimes specialists from banks.

Strict protocols are followed in order to maintain some operational security here – we do not wish to inadvertently give assistance to the very miscreants we seek to disrupt with this work. It is therefore important to understand how YOU can get into this event, by complying with our processes:

#1 Been Before?

In most cases, by the time you read this blog post, previous delegates that have attended one of our events in person will have been emailed with credentials to apply, including a registration site password. This email will also include the Call for Papers link.

Previous attendance is no guarantee of future admissibility: it just gets you the password to apply again. The only way to guarantee a seat is to become a sponsor (email if you’d like to see our Event Prospectus for Sponsors).

#2 NOT Been Before? / Didn’t Get the Email?

Before we are able to share details of the application process, we ask that you provide your LinkedIn profile and work email address at the link in the opening paragraph above.

Where appropriate, we will then provide the credentials for you to complete a full application including any offers to present.

We are interested in 30-45 minute, remote or in-person cases studies, ideally with multiple speakers detailing different aspects of the investigation (victim, analysis, police). We are not running workshops this year.

As always, there is a strict media and sharing policy that has been the same for well over a decade now: You can share the password with known, trusted colleagues including on closed, non-publicly archived mailing lists.

Please do not share the application site credentials in any way that could be made public.

Due to Covid-19 and our due care for the community, this will be a very different event:

  • No networking receptions, boxed lunches
  • 25% capacity: 200 delegates max
  • mandatory infrared temp checks on entry
  • No physical swag
  • No workshops

The good news is that technology enables us to ‘beam in’ our peers via one-to-one encrypted video link: so if you are able to attend this Monday to Thursday event, you will get a lineup of Underground Economy stalwarts and luminaries that has never before been available; but you have to be there, so apply today and see if you are one of the 200 for 2020.

FULL DISCLOSURE: All humor aside for a moment, this event is penciled in for these dates. We are opening the registration site for these revised dates, and the Call for Papers is also now open. You can reach us at if you need any of these links.

We are working with our usual co-hosts and CAPS, our event managers for the last decade, to make this as absolutely safe as reasonably can be. It’s not going to be easy, and obviously things might change right up until the last minute. Book fully-refundable travel.

We have evolving plans to communicate the latest situation on the ground in Strasbourg and we have a route to assist with Visa formalities that have been brought about by these exceptional circumstances.

So there you have it: anyone can apply to attend, or present a case study remotely, and we might not end up doing a UE20 at all if things deteriorate over the next 130 or so days.

But I’m booking my (refundable) flight now…are you in?



Note that the previously planned RISE-JAPAN event in Tokyo has now tentatively been moved to November 2021.