No, I was not on this ship last week

Authors: Steve Santorelli, Director of Outreach and Chris Wheatley, Regional Sales Manager

Last week the 666 foot long Silja Serenade sailed from Helsinki in Finland to Stockholm in Sweden. Then it turned back, lurched around a little, and 200 InfoSec folks disembarked — cold, slightly frayed around the edges, infinitely more connected… and in need of more hydration than before they left.

The occasion was RISE-FINLAND, the 22nd Team Cymru Conference. Regional Internet Security Events are free, highly restricted and very confidential; designed to get law enforcement that are involved in cyber security investigations to build bridges with the operational Information Security community.

“They are the most famous events on the Infosec calendar that nobody talks about.”

However, they are supported by an army of sponsors from the InfoSec world and there is a long standing media policy that means we can actually talk about these events…and we should. We just need to not talk about the actual case studies we didn’t talk about, on the ship we were not on:

There were folks from 25 different countries that were not there, and there was an eclectic mix of researchers, banks, cops and geeks of all descriptions: 

As well as three concurrent workshop tracks, our local host Tieto Evry looked after us very generously and this time we brought a few new faces from our growing team, including Chris Wheatley, Regional Sales Manager covering Europe:

“As a new employee at Team Cymru, I’d heard a lot about the RISE events; all positive of course but they’re unknowns until you’ve been! Mainly that the delegates really enjoy the events, they’re highly confidential and that speakers and sessions are always of a very high caliber. This event certainly did not disappoint; the 2 days were filled with a plethora of talks, topics and characters that had delegates engaged throughout, even wishing for more hours in the day to attend more breakout sessions! If only extra time were possible. 

“People often attend events with a hint of trepidation; usually owing to uncertainty around quality of speakers, being directly pitched at or sold to and sometimes simply not knowing many other delegates. This event was certainly different to all others in my experience; there was a huge sense of community with all delegates mingling from when they set foot at the terminal, during the days and over drinks and canapes in the evenings too. It was great to see such a diverse mix of people, from many different sectors all come together, discuss their thoughts, pains and wishes in their current roles and for the future of their organizations. 

“I’ll certainly take a lot from my first RISE experience, including some great new connections and a sense of achievement in being part of a fantastic Team Cymru team that made sure the event ran smoothly. But mostly, I’ll remember the fact that Team Cymru’s Augury product holds up well in the face of technical viewing issues during a demo and the captain of the ship also sounding the alarm for 5 solid minutes in the middle of it too! I look forward to future RISE events and meeting familiar and new faces alike.”

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Steve Santorelli