Underground Economy Recap

452 delegates, 69 countries, 33 case studies, 17 workshops, 13 lightning talks, 2 evening receptions, 1 panel discussion, and countless memories and networking opportunities! Another successful Underground Economy conference!

Last week we co-hosted 452 checked-in delegates from 69 countries at our annual conference.

It started with high emotion with a moment of silence for a frequent delegate and speaker over the years, who had passed in the summer.

There was a whole lot of heavy duty networking and a few case studies: in fact we had 33 case studies and 17 hands-on workshops, plus 13 lightning talks and a panel on DNS Trends as well as two evening receptions that were a lot of fun.

…and then we ended with high emotion once again with a focus on the community response to CSAM.

In fact, thanks to our generous sponsors we also officially launched 3 new RISE-events:

RISE-USA: December 2-4, 2019 Lake Mary, FL

RISE-Finland: January 13-15, 2020 Helsinki

RISE-Colombia: May 6-7, 2020 Cali with LACNIC33

We have a strict media policy for this event, so we are not going to cover specifics but this is not a sales event, this is to share case studies of investigations within the trusted operational threat intelligence and InfoSec community.

That being said; we’re actually a friendly, welcoming bunch and we are always looking out for new delegates, especially those that are relatively new to, of have traditionally been under-represented in, the InfoSec field and who are trying to access closed trust groups in this community. If you can get yourself a mentor or a reference who has knowledge of these very discrete events, please ask them to email rise-usa@cymru.com on your behalf.

Please don’t give up: sometimes it takes a bit of persistence and folks often get on the waitlist as they start out, and you also need to accept that we are humans and we don’t always get it perfectly correct.

We often fill the seats at our events within 24 hours of opening the registration site, but even some of our RISE events are now growing to 300+ people and three days. Again: it’s not us, it’s (really) our sponsors that make this happen, and we’re all grateful as this means we can plan out a year in advance now.

Remember, if you get on the wait list for a RISE event, your options to get a guaranteed seat are to join us as a RISE ‘Champion’ (USD $5,000) or ‘Supporter’ (USD $3,000), or get your company to upgrade their main UE event package to become RISE-GLOBAL (USD $10,000 for 3 events) and (drum roll please….) get on the delegate bag J. But seriously folks, dig deep and help us continue to build bridges between the operational threat intel community: some of you are happy to support, we also had over $5,000 in private donations from all types of delegate for last weeks conference. There are lots of ways to contribute and actually get yourself a guaranteed seat: offer up a case study or a workshop: we have a combined 40 case studies and 20 workshop slots we are looking to fill so there are lot’s of non-financial ways to get into the event. Offer up during the registration process or email us.

All of our events are offered at no cost to delegates: it is free to get in. We regret that we are unable to cover travel or accommodation costs. We also reserve the right to decline any applications to attend, without giving a reason.

We have great case studies offered, because we take OPSEC seriously. Please do the same. Remember the rules if you attended.

If you need the passwords to register for any of these upcoming RISE events and you have not been referred by anyone that has the passwords, we would love to welcome you and you can start the application process here:


https://events.cymru.com will always get you to the pages with the direct links to the registration site.

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