August 5 – 8, 2019: BlackHat USA

Team Cymru is coming to BlackHat 2019!

Come meet Jeff Vosburg, David Monnier, Steve Santorelli, Jim Skidmore, Courtney Auchter, Scott Fisher, and Tiffany Ostrowski. Stop by our hospitality suite at MGM to find out what we have been up to lately and see a demo of our flagship product offering: Augury. We’ll be happy to discuss any of our commercial or community services with you.

Team Cymru offers commercial services that help YOU combat modern day threats. We take the mystery, the luck, out of Information Security. SOCs, NOCs, and MSSPs worldwide streamline their operations by using our tools. Forensic teams, hunters, victim and attribution investigators all use our tools to do more, faster, than other teams.

If you’re at BlackHat, come meet with us to find out how we can help you! There is no need to defend in the dark and alone. We’re here to help you win the war by responding faster to modern day threats.

Augury: Context you can count on. A data analyst’s portal and API, putting relevant data at your fingertips. Offering more than 50 categories of insight, Augury shines a light into the darkness. Passive DNS, Network Telemetry, Attack Data, Malware Sandbox Reports, and Host Telemetry? All and more are a query away!

Reputation Feed: 24 hours of IP addresses reputation data, updated hourly. Representing nine different categories of malicious activity, including C2s. The Team Cymru Reputation Score enables you to set sensible policies and is ideal for proactive and reactive defense systems.

Controller Feed: This feed contains active C2s of live botnets.  It represents all botnet communications protocols (HTTP, IRC, P2P, etc).  It gives you granular context, port, protocol, domain, hash and DNSRR, to allow sensible response policies.

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