Become an Internet Hero - UTRS 2.0

Join Team Cymru and our co-hosts PISA to learn more!

We are happy to invite you to join our community of over 1,000 network operators around the world to fight DDoS attacks.
Together, we enable to you to protect yourself whilst helping to protect the internet.
UTRS v2.0 uses a technique like remote triggered black holes (RTBH), but globally. If you operate your own Autonomous System, come join this effort today!

Advantages to using UTRS 2.0:

– Co-operating network operators filter traffic on behalf of others, ensuring that unwanted or malicious traffic is dealt with further up the chain, and closer to the source of the attack.

– UTRS 2.0 reduces the impact of unwanted or malicious traffic for a Network Operator’s own networks, and every connected or traversed network.

– Our service enables Network Operators to co-operate and more effectively at successfully avoiding or removing unwanted or malicious traffic.

– Allows Small Network Operators to benefit from support from the community from the Large Network Operators

Register now and learn how UTRS 2.0 can help you!